2016 NSHA Classic Open Derby Champion
Call Me Mitch
Owner: Estelle Roitblat, Rider: Phillip Ralls
2016 NSHA Classic Int. Open Derby Champion
Smoking Little Ringo
Owner: John Pascoe, Rider: Monica Caetano
2016 NSHA Classic Limited Open & Level 1 Open Derby Champion
Mi Smart Itchi Girl
Owner: Mary Hobbs, Rider: Daniel Sanchez
2016 NSHA Classic Non Pro Derby Champion
Juan Cat Two
Owner/Rider: Shannon McCarty
2016 NSHA Classic Int. NP & Novice NP Derby Champion
Handsome Little Cat
Owner: David & Atalie Daniel, Rider: Cynthia Bias
2016 NSHA Classic NP Limited Derby Champion
This Cats Royal
Owner/Rider: Linda Wood
2016 NSHA Classic Amateur Derby Champion
Stylish Hick
Owner/Rider: Susan Modic
2016 NSHA Classic Youth Bridle Champion
Nu Cash Cutter
Owner: Jason & Teresa Fisher, Rider: Wyatt Fisher
2016 NSHA Classic
NP Bridle, Int. NP Bridle & Novice Bridle Champion
Anuther Mister 505
Owner/Rider: Ladona Emmons
2016 NSHA Classic CCHA NP Bridle & AM WC Horse Champion
Just Plain Hip
Owner/Rider: Scott Trueblood
2016 NSHA Classic Open Bridle & CCHA Open Bridle Champion
ARC Sparkin Chics
Owner: Broken J Ranch, Rider: Doug Williamson
2016 NSHA Classic Ltd Open Bridle Champion
Jans Rey Cuatro
Owner: Sheri Jamieson, Rider: Stacy Hanson

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The National Stock Horse Association was founded in 2004 with the goal of producing premier stock horse competitions, while promoting our sport, our western heritage and the rich history of the stock horse and its origination from the Spanish Vaquero tradition. In 2016 the NSHA will strive to grow the stock horse industry through the production of added programs, events and competitions. Programs such as the newly developing year-end awards program will benefit all levels of riders from professional and non-professionals to beginning youth and adults. This awards program will allow members to earn more points towards year-end awards through other local, regional and national clubs and organizations. To increase participation in these competitions, the NSHA will continue to increase the pay-out purses for our events. The NSHA Board of Directors is dedicated to continually pursuing new ways to increase exposure for our industry and our sponsors.
2016 NSHA Classic
Hickory Holly Time & DT Horses
Open Bridle Challenge Champion

Tuckers Smart Cat
Owner: David & Barbara Archer
Rider: Lyn Anderson

2016 NSHA Classic
Hickory Holly Time & DT Horses
Int. Bridle Challenge Champion

Owner: Dr. Linda Katz
Rider: Randy Paul

2016 NSHA Classic
Hickory Holly Time & DT Horses
NonPro Bridle Challenge Champion

Hes A Smokin Indian
Owner/Rider: Debbie Proctor

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